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New Year Resolutions for the Hard-Working Parent

Being a parent can be stressful and draining. You are constantly seeking what’s best for you and your family. But sometimes you need to take a step back and brainstorm some new ways to keep your family happy and cohesive while keeping yourself relaxed and stress-free. Here are a few ideas of  how to achieve that goal:

Reevaluate your Daily and Weekly Schedule

Do you have a routine that’s not quite working for you? Do you even have a routine? Have a list of tasks that need to be accomplished throughout the day and week and assign them into time slots. Give yourself some wiggle room just in case some tasks might unexpectedly take longer than usual to complete. If you’ve already done so and are still not pleased with the results, start moving the tasks around if they do not necessarily have to be done on specific times and days. So while you may not be able to change the time you have to drop off or pick up your children from school, you may certainly change the times and days to clean your home – just make sure you do them! Adding some more time management to your life will do wonders!

Have More Family Outings

Get out of the house and enjoy the fresh air! Going outside and seeing the world firsthand will prove to be beneficial for you and your family. Go all the way by scheduling a trip to a family-friendly destination. Immerse your family into memorable moments filled with fun and thrills. If budgeting is an issue, try looking for free activities that will achieve that same goals. Take a pleasant walk at the park or go to a free museum. You can also have your family participate in volunteer work to give back to the community. Get creative!

Take a Mommy/Daddy Break

Parenting is full-time job. Every once in a while you’ll need to reserve some time for yourself. Every four to six weeks, plan a date night with your spouse or significant other – your relationship will thank you! Hire a babysitter or call a trusted family member or friend to temporarily watch your kids for you. Single parent? Go out anyway and take some time to focus on your relaxation. By the time you see your children, you will be well-rested enough to be the best you for them.

The new year is all about setting reasonable goals for yourself and sticking to them. Sometimes those goals don’t necessarily follow through and that’s okay! Learn from them and move forward.

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