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Ah-Choo!: Essentials to Prepare for Allergy Season

Get ready to ditch your bulky winter coat because spring is coming! However, that also means that allergy season is approaching. Spend less time blowing tissues and more time smelling daisies by embracing these tips:

Clean your Home Regularly

There’s a reason why spring cleaning is a thing! Clean out all the dirt and debris that’s been building up in your home; vacuum your floors, dust your surfaces, and wash your sheets. Invest in an air purifier to filter all the pollen, dust, and other impurities in your home air. Don’t forget to thoroughly clean your kitchen and bathroom to get rid of mold and mildew buildup.


Make sure that you and your family are doing your part in keeping your home free from allergens. Leave your shoes in the front entrance of your home to limit all the dirt and germs accrued on the bottom soles from contaminating your carpet and hardwood floors. Also, try to limit the time spent with the windows open, especially if there are high pollen levels outside; usually pollen levels are at its highest between 5am and 10am and lowest after a rain shower. Lastly, consider changing your clothes when you come home so that lingering allergens don’t spread.

Your Health

There are plenty of over-the counter medications to choose from to deal with allergies. However, you also have the option of talking to an allergist to diagnose what specific substances you’re allergic to. Consider getting an allergy shot for a more long-term treatment for your allergies. Otherwise, some precautions you can take when spending time outside can be to wear items like sunglasses, a surgical mask, and a hat to prevent allergens from entering your system.

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