Sunny Sunday Snacking: The Items You Need for Your Perfect Picnic

It’s a gorgeous weekend outside and you’re in the mood to bring your family to a beautiful park nearby. After preparing yourself for allergies, you should take advantage that beautiful day by enjoying a lovely picnic where you can sit back, nibble on some snacks, and watch nature. Here are a few essentials to think about for your perfect picnic:

What’s on the Menu?

The most important thing to note is to bring just enough food for you and your family to eat for that day -you don’t want to be carrying around leftovers for the remainder of your afternoon. Aim for light meals that require minimal utensils and do not need to be immediately heated or frozen. Foods like cold sandwiches, salads, and fruits are great choices. You should also pre-cut your foods if you’re going somewhere that doesn’t allow knives. And avoid fragile foods like cake and ice cream that might fall apart by the time you open your picnic basket.

Your Non-food Items

Keep your packing to a minimal. If convenience matters, ditch the fancy silverware. Tupperware will absolutely be your best friend for carrying around all delicious picnic goodies -just make sure that they’re sealed properly so that nothing leaks out. Use a typical wicker basket for a traditional picnic vibe or just use a lightweight, insulated lunch box for more practicality. Bring a blanket with you if you’re planning on sitting on grass so that your clothes won’t get dirty. Speaking of dirty, bring plenty of napkins as well as a bag to gather all of your trash (please don’t litter!). And do bring a cooler if you’re planning on bringing a larger family to a picnic; if not, small ice packs to keep your food cool will do just fine.

Picnic Stylin’

Always check the weather before venturing out -you wouldn’t want rain to ruin your day! Be sure to wear comfortable clothes appropriate for the outdoors and bring a light jacket just in case -although feel free to dress more formal if you’re cautious enough with the mess. Feel free to accessorize with sunglasses and stylish hats. And lastly, bring some bug spray and sunscreen to protect yourself from bug bites and sunburn.

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