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Three Kitchen Items You Need To Replace Right Now

We all like to do our best to save every single penny and sometimes that means making the most use out of the items we own. But for certain items, we tend to overestimate how long we can keep them for. In return, they make our lives a lot grosser than they supposed to be. Knowing which items we should replace regularly is especially important in the kitchen where you’ll be handling food that you and your family will be eating. Here are a few items you should definitely throw out now:


Does the sponge in your kitchen look beaten up and carry a terrible odor? It’s probably past due its time for a replacement. In fact, they should really be replaced every two to four weeks. If you must extend its usefulness by another week or two, put your sponge in the microwave to kill off some bacteria -but don’t do it every single time. For a sponge replacement that’s more environment-friendly, consider investing in sponges made from natural materials that are biodegradable.

Water Filters

That pitcher you have that filters the water you put in may not filter as much as it used to. At a certain point, there will be so much build up in your filter that bacteria will linger, and the filter will have to work extra hard for all the water to go down. So in practice, they should be replaced every two months.

Plastic Containers

Are your plastic containers all scratched up and discolored? Do yourself a favor and either trash them or reuse them for non-food purposes. This is especially true if you happen to find out that they contain BPA or PVC. Instead, make the switch to glass containers. As for the rubber lids that usually come with them, soak them in a solution of hot water and bleach a few times per year.

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