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Before It Strikes: Protecting Your Outdoor Furniture Before A Big Storm

During the warm summer months, our backyards and patios become virtual extensions of our indoor living spaces. And the addition of outdoor furniture makes it possible for us to enjoy more time outdoors – whether we’re eating, relaxing, or entertaining friends and family. With the unpredictability of summer storms, it’s essential that you have a way to protect your outdoor furniture before the storm hits. 

Use Heavy-Duty, Water-Resistant Furniture Covers 

No one wants to have to haul furniture to a protected area before a storm. And the frequency with which these storms occur makes it impractical. The simplest solution is heavy covers that protect the furniture from hail, tree limbs, or other debris. 

Bring Seat Cushions and Pillows Inside 

Seat cushions will get soaked during a summer storm. And the oppressive humidity of summer can prevent wet and soggy cushions and pillows from drying out quickly. By taking the time to bring cushions and pillows inside, you and your family can enjoy your outdoor furniture again after the storm. 

Protect Accessories

If your outdoor dining set has an umbrella, don’t forget to take that down. Intense wind and heavy rain may tear the fabric on the umbrella. And even if the umbrella is secured to the table, the power of a violent storm may destroy the umbrella. If you have a glass-top table, be sure that the cover you use to protect it has padding that will prevent flying projectiles from breaking the glass. 

If you have outdoor rugs, roll them up and put them in a storage bag. Outdoor rugs may be designed for low maintenance – under regular use. Summer storms can be unpredictable, and protecting outdoor rugs may save you from having to get rid of embedded dirt and splattered mud. 

If at all possible, have a plan for protecting your outdoor furniture before a storm. Doing so will help you deal with sudden weather situations for which there was no indication that there would be any precipitation. And if you’re thinking about adding to or upgrading your current outdoor furniture, visit a Regency Furniture showroom, or check us out online. 

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