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How to Pack A School Lunch Your Kids Will Love

To the relief of parents and the chagrin of students, school is back in session. With millions of school-aged kids bringing their lunches to school, now is the time for parents to upgrade their lunchbox game. These three tips can help your child become the envy of the cafeteria!

Invest In an Insulated Lunchbox

You may remember toting a crumbled brown bag with a PB&J to school every day when you were a kid, but things have changed. Nut butters are out, and reusable lunch boxes are in. Opting for a bento-style lunchbox with multiple compartments makes it easy to move beyond school-approved sandwiches. Adding a reusable icepack will give you the peace of mind of know your kid’s food will stay fresh.

The Environment First

The planet is important, and it is never too early to get your kid involved! Instead of asking your child to use disposable utensils at school, why not pick her up a set of reusable ones? You can find a complete set for only a few dollars online. And if your kid prefers to use a straw for drinking, choose a silicone or metal straw one. Just make sure the straw comes with a scrubbing brush to make cleaning a snap. 

Give Your Kids Choices

Admit it. How many lunches did you throw away or trade at school because you didn’t like what your mom packed for you? Ensure your child is well-fed at school by giving him options when it comes to his lunch. Keep a fridge and pantry full of acceptable snacks that your child can choose in the morning as long as they are ready for school on time. 

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