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How To Choose Pet-Friendly Furniture

We all love our pets, and they love us, but they don’t always love our furniture. Or they love it in the wrong way. They scratch it, bite it, shed on it, drool on it and worse. Here are a few tips for keeping the peace between Fido and Fluffy and the furniture in your home.

Choose the Right Upholstery

Leather is the most durable. It doesn’t mark easily, it’s hard for cat claws to puncture and hair sweeps off easily. Even if it does get roughed up it still looks good. It won’t absorb odors.

A more budget-friendly option is faux leather or microfiber, which are easy to clean and have no loops for animals to snag. Avoid “shaggy” or loose-weave upholstery. Look for furniture that’s stain-resistant.

Pick a Pet-Friendly Furniture Color

Matching your gray sofa to your gray animal is not a fashion statement; it’s a way to make hair less obvious. Dark colors are usually good for hiding the “benefits” of pet ownership, unless, of course, you have a dog that sheds white fur.

Consider Metal Furniture

Your puppy or kitten may love to gnaw on wood, but they won’t chew on a metal table or metal legs.

Keep Them Off

That doesn’t mean that Rover can’t enjoy a soft corner or Snowball has to get booted every time she climbs on your lap. Use blankets and throws to protect your sofa (and your carpet as well). They’re much easier to toss in the wash! Lay a pet bed in their favorite spot. Remove temptation for your curious friend by locating your most vulnerable furniture away from the window. Try a bench or a cat tower there instead.

With a little planning, you can have furniture that you love and that fits right in with you and your animals. Regency Furniture has pet-friendly choices for every room in your home.

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