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Best Ways To Keep Mosquitos At Bay

Inviting family and friends to barbeques swim parties, picnics, and patio luncheons are all wonderful ways to enjoy summer. But what can we do to keep mosquitos, the uninvited guests from crashing your party? Check out these easy tips to prevent mosquitos from making their home in your home.

Remove Stagnant Water

This is the first step in mosquito prevention. Mosquitos lay their eggs near stagnant water, so it is important to remove any containers and other items in your yard that collect rainwater. After it rains, inspect planters, pots, open garbage containers, birdbaths, toys, fountains, buckets, tires, gutters, and downspouts. Turn over, cover, or remove any of these items to prevent water collection. Water can also collect in outdoor entertainment centers and furniture so use a clean soft towel to remove water after it rains.

Add Herbs, Flowers & Plants

Adding plants, herbs, and flowers that mosquitos don’t like into your landscape is another effective step in mosquito prevention. Citronella, rosemary, lemon balm, catnip, marigolds, peppermint, lavender, and garlic are a few that offer double duty. Add them to potted plants to display on outdoor tables and into flower beds throughout your yard. They add color and beauty to your outdoor space while helping keep pesky mosquitos away.

Remove Mosquito Hangouts

Mosquitos hang out in high, cooler grassy areas during the heat of the day. They also favor piles of leaves, twigs, and other natural debris that collect by fences and walls so maintain these areas.

Enjoy Candles & Firepits

Citronella candles and flames from a fire pit table will not only keep mosquitos from joining the party, but they also provide a beautiful and warm ambiance to your summer gatherings. 

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