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Decluttering Your Life through Spring Cleaning

We’re in spring! Other than saying hello to the warm weather and the beauty of the blossoming trees, the season presents a perfect opportunity to declutter. Spring cleaning implies getting rid of the clutter that has been accumulating during the cold weather.

Refreshing your living space and getting organized can help improve your physical and mental health. It’s a perfect stress and depression reliever and plays an integral role in improving your productivity. Steal the following 5 tips to declutter your life through spring cleaning:

Quit Procrastinating

Many times, you’ll find yourself pushing tasks for later. “I’ll empty the trash later.” “I will organize the drawer later.” With time, you get used to the term ‘later’ only to find the clutter has accumulated. Start doing it now!

Start Small

Waiting until you have a mountain of work only increases the possibility of getting the work accumulated to a point where you can no longer manage.

The secret is to allocate some time for cleaning every other day. Set a timer, and clean for a couple of minutes each day.

Donate the Stuff You Don’t Use

You won’t be throwing money down the drain if you give away the stuff you don’t use in the house. After all, it will keep getting in your way and occupying space unnecessarily. The sight of it will only give you endless headaches. Bite the bullet and get rid of it now!

Clutter Belonging to Your Kids Shouldn’t Bog You Down

The love for your kids shouldn’t make you compromise on space and your peace of mind. Set limits to the amount of space you need for kids’ toys, clothes, and other stuff, and do away with what they don’t need or no longer use.

Let Go Of Perfect

To declutter your space and mind this spring season, you don’t have to sweat it over small stuff. Regardless of what you may see online, no one lives in a pristine environment that is always spotlessly clean. Cut yourself some slack and do as much you can while enjoying some time for yourself.

Start off with applying one of these tips to your routine this week, and add one on every week. You’ll have a spotless house ready for the warmer months before you know it.

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