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3 Easy Ways To Bring School Sports Home

The pandemic has created many challenges, including how children will stay active this school year. While it is highly likely most school sports will be canceled, it is easy for kids to stay healthy and active at home. Consider the following activities that can be slightly modified to fit your home. 

Backyard Basketball

Basketball is an excellent activity for children to engage in because it challenges their minds and bodies. They hone their hand-eye coordination skills and also learn how to plan ahead of their opponents. If you do not have a basketball hoop, you can make your own that meets regulations or one that is simply fun for the kids. 

Agility Course

Running helps keep children healthy. While running itself can be boring, an agility course is fun and exciting! An agility course can be as simple or complex as you desire. It can also be made of household items or give dad a reason to break out his power tools. 

Mini Baseball/Softball Tournaments

Playing baseball and softball in the backyard is not new by any means. It is simple to set up the bases and home plate. You can use chalk or incorporate more complex items to give your backyard a true baseball/softball field look. Just make sure your children know not to knock the ball out of the park (a.k.a right into your neighbor’s window). 

While school sports are likely to be canceled, that does not mean kids need to miss out on fun, healthy exercise. All it takes is some setup time and gathering a few supplies to bring school sports home to your backyard.

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