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Tips For Your Virtual Back to School Home Office

More of us are working and going back to school right at home. Trend watchers are reporting this is a growing trend that is here to stay. That’s great news for improving our homes that are doubling as workspaces. Here are a few ideas that will make this transition as easy as can be.

Dedicate a Work Space

It is very important to designate an underused room or space in the home for the work area. A bedroom or space that isn’t often frequented by the entire family is the best option. Create an office within the room complete with desk, lighting, comfortable chair, and other necessities for working and learning. Make sure you have plenty of space to move around and your desk is large enough for multiple items. It should also have drawers and built-in storage.

Get Techy

Virtual means technology is a must. You will need a strong internet connection and a computer or mobile device that is equipped with a camera. You may need to upgrade your devices or purchase webcams, headphones, and other technology to make your virtual office work a hard as you do. 

Ask Questions

The more you know, the better your school or work experience will be. For some, this is an entirely new way of doing business. Reach out to teachers, experts, and colleagues to understand exactly what is expected, what online tools are needed to be downloaded, and other important details.

Time to Rehearse

When your home office is all set up, schedule a dress rehearsal. Going through the process before school starts is a great idea that will make everyone feel comfortable and give you time to make changes if necessary.

At Regency Furniture, we want your virtual back to school experience to be as seamless and beautiful as possible.

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