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Keys to the Perfect Halloween Home

When Halloween comes around, there are many areas in your home that can be turned into spooky (yet family-friendly) spaces for the season. Here are some of our favorite spots and rooms that can easily be personalized in order to create the perfect Halloween-themed home:

Living Spaces

This holiday is the perfect excuse to light up those rarely-used fireplaces in your home to create warm, cozy corners. Decorate the ceilings of your most commonly used living spaces with low draping spiderwebs (fake ones, of course) to add a spooky touch. Children can pitch in to the decor project as well by making garlands with leaves and string to hang on mantels or by painting their own small pumpkins.

For couches and chairs in these spaces, incorporate Halloween-themed pillows: go for blacks, grays, whites, and occasional pops of orange. For kids’ bedrooms, spooky face pillows and animal chair covers will do just the trick to add that holiday charm.

Bookshelves and Tables

Classic and fun DIY projects can also be used as decor for centerpieces on tables and bookshelves. Great examples of these 2-in-1 creations for the Halloween season are spell books and mason jars. To make the spookiest of all spellbooks, find (or make) leather jackets and use them to cover unused books or journals. Then let your kids fill them with their creepiest and most clever spells! Both you and your children can get as creative as you’d like.  These spell books could also be great additions to the kids’ memory boxes.

Mason jars are another idea for DIY decorations for tables and bookshelves. Fill clear mason jars with small candles, moss, or even candy corn to add a pop of color. To make this project enjoyable and memorable for the kids, consider painting the jars white and challenging the young artists to decorate them with spooky faces.   


Add an extra touch of spook by giving some special attention to the staircase. Hang up some black string, spiderwebs, and orange glimmer fairy lights to decorate and illuminate the banister – you’re sure to put your family and guests in a spooky (and fun) mood!


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