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Decorating Your Home For Fall

Scents and Aromas

Especially in the fall, walking into a home should be an experience. When considering new ways to create a warm and inviting ambiance, a quick and easy decor strategy (and a crowd favorite) is incorporating seasonal candles. Festive scents such as apple, harvest, and pumpkin spice are some of our go-tos.  In homes with pets or young children, opt for safer alternatives such as scented wall plug-ins.

Warmth and Comfort

As the cooler weather creeps in, bring some warmth into your home! The fall is the best time to transition bright and energetic colors of spring and summer to neutral and cozy tones like creams and caramels. These rich neutrals create a lighter environment, enhancing spaces with natural lighting. For darker rooms, combat the shorter days during this time of year by incorporating more lamps and lighting fixtures.

We hate to admit that summer has ended, but the evenings are starting to get chillier. Stay warm by cranking up the fireplace (if you’re lucky enough to have one) or bringing large pillows and cozy plaid throw blankets into your living spaces. These accents are the perfect opportunity to add pops of color if you choose items in shades of seasonal reds and burnt oranges. Making these changes now will also make the transition from fall to winter much easier!


To spruce up your home interior, consider making decorative seasonal jars, personalized with acorns, small lights, and candles.  This project is a great DIY activity to do with friends or even with young kids! It’s an affordable and easy way to decorate tables and mantels for this season and every fall season hereafter. Or, if DIY projects aren’t for you, themed paintings, mantel banners, or artwork with seasonal colors and designs are also great investments!

In dining and breakfast rooms, switching up table settings with warm and silky linens or rustic colors can create a softer and more welcoming atmosphere for the fall season.  Combining these with pastel flower arrangements will bring color and freshness to your gathering areas. You could even create your own vibrant -and edible- centerpieces (another DIY project!) by filling woven baskets with red and yellow apples, mini-pumpkins, oranges, figs and grapes.  Or, organize fallen leaves and flowers into carved pumpkins for one-of-a-kind seasonal decor pieces..

Outdoor spaces can also be given a special fall treatment by incorporating wicker furniture. Switch up your summer color palette by adding plaid blankets and harvest-colored pillows.  Maybe even consider investing in some rocking chairs for the ultimate outdoor fall experience.

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