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3 Steps For A DIY Kids’ Fort

Forts create a cozy hideaway right at the heart of your living room, thus providing countless hours of family fun! A blanket fort is among the easiest kids fort to establish. Especially towards the end of a long holiday, engage your kids in this budget-friendly indoor activity by following these three steps:

Create a Framework for Your Fort

Considering you will play and crawl inside the blanket fort, you’ll need sufficient room for that. Some of the best places to establish a blanket spot include the bedroom, dining room and of course, the living room. Once this is done, arrange the nearby furniture – chairs, tables, etc. – based on how high or low you want your fort to be. When it comes to furniture arrangement, be creative! You could incorporate doors, hallways or even secret passageways.

Drape the Frames with Blankets

With your flawless framework in place, proceed by draping different types of blankets over the frames. This will give your fort a secure, secluded and top-secret enclosure. Drape sheets over sections of the framework to allow air and light into the fort. If you’d rather your fort to be pitch-dark, cover the blankets with heavy comforters. This will give it that mysterious and secluded feel, typical of a dragon’s lair or a dungeon. To ensure complete sturdiness on the roof and walls, secure the blankets with rubber bands, safety pins or clothespins.

Add Some Coziness to Your Fort

For that much-needed coziness, spread out blankets on the floor. In case your fort is so spacious that it even has a bedroom, go ahead and lay out a sleeping bag. For extra comfort, add pillows into the mix. Create beds, chairs or couches by carefully placing multiple pillows in your desired spot within the fort. Add lights to your finished fort, in case you want to play board games or read story books. For this, hang Christmas lights around the walls of the fort for a vibrant, colorful effect. If this may be a little bit too much, a flashlight will work just fine!

Making a DIY blanket fort is not as complicated as most people think. Having made your own, you could put together all the toys, bring in some snacks and let the fun begin!

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