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Take Some Time To Clean These Overlooked Areas In Your Home

Cleaning our homes is a constant activity, especially during these unprecedented times. Today more than ever before it is important to keep your homes clean and sanitized, including some overlooked areas. While we are encouraged to stay safe and stay home, take some extra time to deep clean these overlooked areas.

Doorknobs and Light Switches

Experts recommend cleaning and disinfecting doorknobs and light switches at least twice a week, and more frequently if someone in your home is sick. Fill a spray bottle with a mixture of bleach and water, spray to cover the entire doorknob and light switch. Wipe clean with paper or cloth towel.

Sofas, Loveseats, and Chairs

Dust, bacteria, and viruses can be found on your sofas, loveseats, and chairs. First, vacuum all surfaces including the crevices. Frequent vacuuming removes built-up dirt, bacteria, crumbs, and other invisible, unhealthy particles. Vacuum the top and bottom of each cushion and pillow. Next, spray on an upholstery or leather safe sanitizing spray like Lysol or a mixture of white vinegar and water. Dry completely.

Staircase Railings

Railings are one of the most used places in your home, but overlooked surfaces on cleaning day. Staircase railings should be washed regularly with a product like Lysol All Purpose Cleaner or a solution of water and white vinegar. Spray onto a soft towel and wipe completely. 

Throws and Blankets

Throws and blankets keep us warm and comfortable so they should be laundered regularly. Most fabrics are washing machine and dryer safe, but we always recommend reading the care label for instructions to keep your blankets clean and fresh.

We at Regency Furniture understand how important our families and communities are. During these uncertain times, we encourage you to clean your home regularly, wash your hands when you can, and practice social distancing. And remember, we will all get through this together. 

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