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Paper or Plastic: Wonderful Ways to Reduce Plastic in Your Home

With Earth Day just around the corner, you may want to consider some ways to reduce your harm to the environment. As plastic takes a very long time to degrade they instead pile up overtime, polluting the ecosystem and eventually your health. Here are a few ways to cut back on plastic in your home:

Back Away From Bags

Consider investing in reusable bags on your next trip to the grocery store especially if you typically go multiple trips per week. There are plenty of varieties to choose from the ones that cost one dollar to higher quality ones that can keep your food cold or warm. If you happen to forget to bring your bag, ask the cashier if the store has paper bags available; paper bags are biodegradable hence will have less environmental impact.

Straws Suck

Avoid using anything that’s plastic and meant for single use whenever you can when eating food. When ordering a drink, ditch the straws that servers give you; if you absolutely need a straw, consider using paper or reusable ones instead. This goes the same for utensils as well; use regular silverware that can be washed afterwards. Lastly, opt for dining in at a restaurant instead of taking food to go; the added waste from storing the food in a container will add up.

Paper and Glass

As you can tell, paper is a more environmentally friendly alternative to plastic. Make the switch from plastic to paper for all items in your home that have to be single-use. When ordering groceries, opt for ones in cardboard or glass packaging. Why glass? Glass is very easy to recycle and reuse without losing its quality unlike plastic. Speaking of which, make sure that you recycle your waste separately if given the option.

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