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Baskets of Joy: Top Tips for Creating Your Own Easter Basket

With Easter just around the corner, what better way to celebrate this wonderful spring festivity than creating your very own adorable Easter basket. Make some for your kids to help them on their adventurous egg hunt or make a more sophisticated gift basket for your grown-up friends and family. Here are some tips for giving your Easter basket peak egg-cellence:

Basic Baskets as the Base

A simple, affordable basket that you might find at the dollar store will offer two things: an Easter that won’t break the bank and an opportunity to get as creative as you want. Add as many bows as you want for a touch of beauty. Spice it up by adding paper filling in colors besides green. Since this holiday happens once a year, aim for saving these baskets each year if you can to get the most use of them. If it’s for a gift, wrap the basket with clear cello paper for a classy look.

Make It Sweet!

Sweeten up your basket by adding in some delicious delectables.  Add in some of your kids’ favorite candies. Jelly beans are most certainly the classic candy to include! You could do the same thing for more grown-up gifts, though you should probably look toward more handmade and high-quality sweets. Include one of those fancy chocolate bars or a small bottle of fine wine to please their taste buds.

Not Everything Has to Be Edible

Make for a picturesque Easter basket by taking some time to paint some eggs. Flex your creative muscles and make those eggs into something that will give Russian Faberge eggs a run for their money! For grown-up gifts, there are many non-food items that you can include: books, socks, gift cards, mugs, and many others. Your loved ones will certainly make great use of them!

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