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The DIY Guide for Your Holiday Decor

With Christmas right around the corner, the season of giving has definitely arrived. While getting presents for loved ones can be costly, decorating your home for the upcoming festivities doesn’t have to be. We came up with some fun, glamourous, and colorful ways to dress up your home in a cost-effective way.

Let it Snow[flake]

Waking up to a white Christmas is everyone’s dream. Whether or not there is snow outside, children can enjoy themselves by crafting homemade snowflakes. This year, take this classic winter activity one step further and use personalized snowflakes to decorate banners and table runners!

Embellish the dinner table by having your children customize and cut the perfect assortment of snowflakes and glue them to your favorite table runner. If the runner is not an option, make small holes on the tops and corners of your snowflakes with a hole-puncher; string them all together to make a gorgeous wintery banner.

Sparkles and Light, Lanterns So Bright!

We all have spare jars and lanterns laying around that can be spruced up to make glamourous and colorful holiday decorations. Sit down with your children and bring out the glue and glitter for this creative family activity.

To make sparkling jars, have your children pick a jar and the glitter of their choice. Use clear school glue on the inside of the jar and let your children sprinkle glitter on the glue. Once dried, you’ll have the perfect sparkly jars that can dress up any part of your home. Add a small votive candle, and these jars will be beautiful centerpieces.

Decorating lanterns is also a creative way to personalize your holiday decorations. Once your children pick out their favorite Christmas ornaments, place them into different lanterns throughout your home to add that perfect pop of color this holiday season.

Deck the Halls With Tiny Trees

Another fun and colorful holiday decoration are homemade button and yarn trees. By using foam cones with a combination of buttons, yarn, and pom-poms, help your children make charming little Christmas trees for their rooms. Simple step-by-step instructions for this activity can be found here.

Enjoy the season of giving with your children and family by indulging in these creative activities. See, it is possible to decorate your home without worrying about the costs of fancy decorations!

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