The Perfect Sofa For The Whole Family

Having kids changes everything, even the kind of furniture that you buy. A new sofa is a sizable investment and often the largest furniture piece in the family room, so think carefully before you buy. If you have kids and you’re looking for a new sofa, use the following tips to guide your shopping.

Consider Seating Space

How many people will typically be sitting at once? Also, consider how the sofa will be used. If someone prefers napping, perhaps a reclining sofa or a sectional can keep one person from hogging the whole couch.  Additionally, if your children are small now, remember that they’ll grow very quickly. While you may squeeze several little kids on a small sofa now, in a few years, they’ll need more space.

Upholstery Choice 

When you have a family, having durable upholstery is a must. Leather is durable and low-maintenance, but pricey. Leather also can feel cold in the winter. Patterned fabrics can hide stains but should still be treated with a stain-repellent spray for easy cleaning. Fabrics should also have a tight weave to prevent snags and pilling. Microfiber fabrics marry the easy-care and stain-resistance of leather with the lower cost of fabric. 

Consider Quality and Value

A cheap couch saves you no money if it wears out quickly and must be replaced. Active families should choose sturdy pieces from reputable brands. Try to find a couch with a kiln-dried, hardwood frame. Frames made of soft woods like pine may warp or break more quickly than hardwoods.  Also, while polyurethane foam is inexpensive and comfortable, high-resilient (HR) foam will last longer. While HR foam is slightly more expensive, your sofa will be less likely to sag and droop after a year or two of use.

Measure Before You Shop

Before you head to the furniture store, use a tape measure to determine how much space you can devote to the sofa. Parents have to get up and down constantly, so leave plenty of room to move around.

Hopefully, you’ll spend many years with your sofa, so take your time with this decision. Remember that you are the one that will have to live with this decision, so pay less attention to home decor magazines and more to the lifestyle that you and your family live.

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