Create a Winter Wonderland with Stylish Decor

When the cold fills the air outside, transform your home into a winter wonderland on the inside. First, consider the mood you want to set. Is your style simple and clean with limited hues? Or is it playful and colorful with fun prints? Start with a style for each room, set a focal point and bring your winter wonderland to life with stylish decor.


Create a cozy, peaceful place with throw pillows for your sofas, chairs and beds. Bring the essence of snow into your home with cream ruffle designs or white, fuzzy, flokati pillows. Add some sparkle with sequined pillows in gold or blue. For a whimsical approach, consider woodsy-themed prints of leafs, birds and owls. If your closets are already bursting with extra throw pillows, opt for new pillow covers instead.


Add ambiance with lighting. If you desire a hint of Christmas, look for lamps with orb shapes at the base to mimic ornaments. Accent your space with antique white candle holders in three bubble shapes to resemble snowmen. For a pop of color, tie on shimmering ribbon. Continue a woodsy theme with table lamps featuring thick, wood bases and leaf-shaped candle holders. Gold, silver and bronze wall sconces add extra lighting in a style that is both modern and classic. For a truly enchanting look, evenly space single wall sconces in a glowing line down a long hallway.


Complete your winter wonderland with beautiful wall art. White or cream floral art will coordinate with any of the colors in your room, while a large, tree canvas is perfect as a statement piece above a sofa or fireplace mantel. If your style is more modern, consider three-piece canvas wall pictures and geometric metal art pieces. Remember, art should be at eye-level and big spaces – like above the sofa – need big pieces to fill two-thirds of the width.

Whether your style is whimsical or classical, design with dimension in mind. Don’t be afraid to fill your walls and surfaces with winter wonderland decor of all shapes and sizes.

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