Choose A Desk That Works With You

Sometimes we still call them “writing desks,” even though less of our writing is done with pen and paper. The old stereotype of a desktop with a large blotter and a physical in-out box is passe. Here are some questions to help you choose a desk that can be a 21st Century command center for your business or social pursuits.

Where Will the Desk Be Located?

Is it a place where you meet visitors, either in your home or a small business office? Will it be tucked into a corner of a bedroom or a den? There are materials for every environment, including steel, stained wood, painted wood and glass top. Choose a plain surface if you’ll be talking to clients or one with a hutch if you work mostly alone and want materials at hand. A small footprint, maybe a drop front, could be best if it needs to fit into a niche or corner.

What Electronics Do You Use?

If you use a traditional workstation with a separate keyboard and monitor, you’ll want an ergonomic keyboard drop. Also, a hutch or other riser to put the monitor at eye level is ideal. Are there multiple monitors, a speaker or two or maybe an Alexa? Then you’ll need plenty of space, and an L- or U-shape or a desk with slide-out work surfaces can keep you uncluttered. In any case, you’ll want some kind of cord accommodation. Built-in AC sockets and USB ports are a plus.

Is a Sit-and-Stand Right for You? 

Sitting and keyboarding can be wearying, and many people find themselves standing to give their back a break. A sit-and-stand adjusts its height so you can bring your work up and down with you. It fits almost anywhere and many have storage drawers.

No matter where your desk is or how you work at it, there are great choices that support the way you do business and pleasure.

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