Top Candle Scents For Fall (That Are Not Pumpkin Spice)

Once a novelty, Pumpkin Spice’s distinctive scent has begun to get a little stale, particularly since retailers start showcasing the scent in early September. Elevate your home this fall season and delight your senses with a scented candle that offers an unexpected approach to the season. Your entire home will have a heightened sensory experience that showcases the most wonderful things about the autumn season. Try one of these fresh, new fall scents for a fresh new approach to candles for your home:

Crisp Apple

Redolent of hay rides, scarecrows, and crisp, clean fall air, a scented candle that has a snappy, fresh apple smell will make you feel energized and ready to enjoy the season. Choose a raw apple scent for the freshest fragrance and rustic appeal; baked apple scents have a lot of vanilla and cinnamon, making them more suited to the winter and holiday season. Place on a rustic, farm-style cart or table for added appeal. 

Smoky Wood Fire

Burning leaves, crackling wood at the fireplace or the first time you use the fire table in autumn all add an unmistakably cozy feel to your home. Light up a candle with warm, rustic scents of pine and wood, with an elusive hint of parchment or smoke. Ideal for a cozy reading spot, bedside table or conversation nook, opt for one of these delightful scents when the nights begin to cool. If you’d sit by the fire table all day, then one of these scents can bring that appeal indoors. 

Cool Amber and Cinnamon

The crunch of leaves underfoot, switching out shorts for sweaters and the start of cool, crisp days demands a lively and dynamic scent; choose a blend of amber and cinnamon to warm up your home and energize the whole family. Fall days are perfect for spending time outdoors, and a lively scent can help get you in the right frame of mind. 

Bring the fall indoors this year by creating cozy reading and seating areas and incorporating one or more of the above scents in your home. You’ll love the rich aroma — and enjoy getting a break from pumpkin spice, too. Need help in creating a comfortable spot in your home? Regency Furniture has everything you need to create a stunning focal point to welcome guests; stop by to see just how big of a difference the right pieces can make for your home. 

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