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Snow Day Activities for the Family

As the weather gets colder and your family moves from outdoor activities to indoor family time, we know it can get challenging to entertain everyone at once. Add some wintery weather and school closures in the mix, and the chaos begins. Don’t fret though – we have you covered. We came up with a list of our favorite snow day activities that are fun and enjoyable for everyone in the family; they can even be educational!

Build a Fort

Is it really a snow day if your children have not built a fort? This is a classic DIY family activity that allows everyone to be creative together. Designate a space -perhaps the living room- and let your children decide what will be used to make the fort and what you all will do inside.

Button Rings

For the little craft and jewelry lovers, this is the perfect activity. Children and adults can be creative and create custom button rings. For this simple snow day activity, all you need are buttons and pipe colors. For an easy tutorial, click here!

Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts can be fun for children of all ages. For the little ones in the family, scavenger hunts using educational material can actually prove to be loads of fun! Incorporate colors, letters of the alphabet, and number hints to create a fun, yet sneakily academic scavenger hunt to entertain your children on their day off. For more scavenger hunt ideas, click here!

Game Night

Another timeless activity that brings the family together is game night. After a slow day at home, excite your children by letting them collectively choose a few games to play as a family. Find a cozy spot by the warm fireplace and spend the night playing family games that will surely bring a smile on everyone’s face.  

Indoor Obstacle Course

Much like scavenger hunts, obstacle courses can be customized for children for all ages. For kids with lots of energy, indoor obstacle courses can be loads of fun, especially when they’re filled with unique challenges and tasks to complete. For younger children, there are many ways to make these entertaining obstacle courses educational. For example, create a challenge in the course where your child has to practice counting, reading, or writing. To find more creative and unique obstacle course ideas, click here!

Snow days can be a challenging time, especially when there are children of different ages demanding to be entertained simultaneously. By integrating enjoyable and educational snow day activities, you will keep all your little ones busy, and everyone will enjoy a fun-filled snow day!

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