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It’s Allergy Season! 5 Ways To Pollen-Proof Your Home

It’s Springtime again! The sun is shining brighter, the air is getting warmer and nature is waking up with color. This means it’s allergy season and pollen is waking up. too. Take a look at five proactive tips to pollen-proof your home.

Keep Inside Air Clean & Clear

Close the windows, especially during windy days and in the early morning hours when the pollen count is high. Install a HEPA filter to your furnace and air conditioner to capture mold, dust mites, and pollen. Pollen and allergens collect on your shoes and clothing, so after enjoying time in your backyard, change into clean clothes.

Clean Up the Clutter

Dust accumulates on everything, especially knick-knacks, boxes, books, and magazines. Donate unnecessary items and keep everything in your living space dust-free and clean. This includes vacuuming area rugs, carpeting, upholstered furniture, washing sheets, pillows, and other bedding regularly will keep pollen, dust mites, and other allergens away.

Pay Attention to Your Pet

Pet fur carries dander that not only floats in the air but attaches to anything it comes into contact with. This includes your furniture, bed, and on you. First, keep the pets off of your furniture and wash your hands after holding or petting them. Ask a non-allergic family member to brush them or wash them regularly. Consider adding a free-standing air filter to your home.

Opt for Faux Flowers

Decorate your home with a faux flower arrangement instead of a fresh bouquet. Fresh flowers release fragrance and pollen inside the house.

Keep Moisture Out

Humidity and moisture can cause unhealthy mold to grow. Make sure the humidity levels are low, there are no leaky pipes and your bathrooms are kept clean and dry.

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