Outdoor Escapes: Create Fun For The Whole Family In Your Own Backyard

Social distancing will have everyone in your household experiencing cabin fever. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can escape the house without putting you or your family at risk for catching COVID-19. Escape to your backyard and have fun with the whole family outdoors!

Set Up Patio Furniture

You need to get out and breathe fresh air. Take in the sun and enjoy the warmth on your skin. Relax in a chair and read the book you have been meaning to get to for some time. Your patio furniture should allow you to do all of the activities you desire. You can mix and match your furniture pieces or buy complete sets that match your style. Create a personal haven that you can escape to when you need a break from your new coworkers. 

Fire Up the Grill

Never underestimate the power of the grilling up food everyone loves. You can keep your family’s mind off of the coronavirus pandemic by focusing on your grill. Make your favorite BBQ and even teach the kids how to safely cook food. 

Camp Under the Stars

Camping in your own backyard can feel like a vacation. Grab the tent, sleeping bags, and flashlights before setting up camp. Lay underneath the stars at night and take in the beauty of the sky. See if you or your children can find any constellations in your area.

Learn to Tie Knots 

The ability to tie a variety of knots is a useful skill to have in life. Teach the kids how to tie knots that can be used for securing items to trees or securing two lines together. It’s an easy activity for the whole family to get involved with while providing something that is fun to do for hours at a time. 

Social distancing may last for a few more weeks, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay inside the whole time. Escape to your backyard and find different ways you and your family can play, exercise, and learn. 

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