Spending Your Vacation On Staycation

The term “staycation” is basically exactly what it sounds like; a “vacation” where you “stay” home instead of traveling to another state or area. This can save you an immense amount of money and is beneficial for a variety of reasons. In some cases, you might simply enjoy your home so much thanks your high-end furnishings from Regency Furniture that you can’t imagine a stay any nicer than the one you call home. Whatever your motivation for a vacation centered at home, the following are some applicable ideas to make your staycation one to remember:

Visit a Local Park

There are parks everywhere, making this an activity virtually every person can enjoy. Visit your local national park or even a playground with walking or bike trail. Spend the day outdoors enjoying the sunshine.

Experience Your Local Fare

One of the best things about vacation is getting to eat out. You can still eat out on your staycation and enjoy the local fare within your own city. Try some restaurants you haven’t yet visited. Ask for suggestions from friends and family members. Be adventurous and try another style of food that you would normally go for, remember, you are on vacation after all.

Have a Movie Marathon

You know the movies you’ve been wanting to see for the first time or are dying to see again? Take a day out of your staycation and watch movies all day long. Order pizza for lunch and veg with delicious snacks while you enjoy hours of entertainment. This is an ideal activity for a bad weather day. If you prefer to get out and about, opt instead to go see a movie in the theater early so you can enjoy matinee pricing. Ask your local theaters if there are specific days when tickets and/or concessions are less expensive. Many have a budget or family day when tickets and concessions are nearly ½ off.

The words budget and fun can go together believe it or not, and a well-planned staycation is one example. Use the tips above to orchestrate your next staycation adventure.

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