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Four Breads That Are Perfect For The Holidays

The holidays are synonymous with great food that is meant to be shared. No doubt, you already have numerous traditions around the food which you bring to your holiday table, but too often, bread is just an afterthought. Here are four recipes for breads that are such showstoppers, they’ll become one of the stars of the table. 


This classic Italian Christmas treat is part cake, part bread. While it is often purchased at a store and given as a gift, consider making your own with this overnight recipe. By taking the extra night to make it, you’ll create a bread that stays fresher longer. 

Baked Brie and Bread Wreath

There’s no time better to go big than during the holidays. Not only is this bread festive for the wreath shape it takes, but the baked brie makes it so rich that it merits a celebration. 


While challah is traditional to eat on many a Friday night, there’s hardly a better time for eating it than during Hanukkah. This recipe includes instructions for making a six-strand braid. 

Three Kings (Rosca de Reyes)

Originally a tradition created by the Romans, this bread is eaten on Three Kings Day, or the sixth of January, when many children in Spanish speaking countries receive their holiday presents. This recipe comes via Mexico. 

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