Holiday Occasions

Make The Most Of Your Home During Your Kid’s Holiday Break

While some families plan elaborate activities and lavish vacations for their kids during the holiday breaks from school, these activities may be out of reach for other families.  Even if you have a full schedule and a tight budget, you can still give your kids wonderful holiday memories. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Create a Plan Ahead of Time

At the beginning of the holiday break, sit down with your kids and write down a different holiday-themed activity for each day of the break. One day can be craft day, another day can be baking day. On busy days, choose simpler activities like “Red Day” where everyone wears red and the kids dye their milk red with food coloring. This will give the kids something fun to look forward to throughout their break.

Count Down to the Holidays in Your Own Way

Elf on the Shelf and Advent calendars are common ways that families count down to the holidays. During your kids’ holiday break, you can add in some more interesting, personalized countdowns. If you’re big readers, read a storybook each evening before bed while drinking hot cocoa around the kitchen table. If you love music, have a carol of the week, where each day you listen to the same song as performed by different artists.  

Spread Cheer to Those Outside Your Family

As you plan activities with your kids, don’t forget to include several that focus on giving to others. Whether you give to a neighbor who lives alone, or to those who come to a soup kitchen, kids need to remember that holidays are about getting joy by giving as well as receiving. Teach your kids that the greatest joy and happiest memories often occur when people are others-focused rather than being self-focused.

Kids grow up fast, so celebrate the holidays while you have them at home. Whatever your budget or time constraints, with a little planning, your kids can have a memorable, special holiday break.

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