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How To Organize A Family-Friendly New Year’s Eve Party

As 2019 and a whole decade come to a close, New Year’s Eve party planning is in full swing! Many parties will be 21+ only. If you are looking to stay in and enjoy ringing in the new year with your family, follow these tips to create a family-friendly party everyone will love. 

Limit Alcohol Consumption (or Omit It Altogether)

There is nothing wrong with having champagne or other alcohol during a holiday event. However, at a family-friendly party, you don’t want to have anyone having too much to drink. Limit the amount of alcohol purchased to ensure this doesn’t happen. Or, you have the option to omit it altogether. You can substitute champagne with sparkling cider or juice. With sparkling drinks, even the young ones can have a glass or two. Just be sure to watch their sugar intake, so they can wind down later in the night. 

Bring Out the Games

With family-friendly parties, games are a must! Classic board games or new exciting apps that involve the whole family are acceptable. Just make sure the little ones can understand and play along too. Otherwise, you may have a slight meltdown on your hands!

Keep Snack Trays Full

Parties involve snacking. Everyone’s favorites should be easily accessible so no one’s tummies are empty as the night goes on. You can even incorporate a snack making station to keep any little ones entertained as the night goes on. 

New Year’s Eve is a fun and exciting holiday for the whole family. By incorporating these tips, you can ensure everyone has a great time ringing in the new year. 

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