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Light Up The Sky Safely This July 4th

Fireworks are a time-honored tradition of Independence Day celebrations across the country. Most cities will have a professional display put on by experts to mark the occasion. If you like to have fireworks at home, follow these safety tips to avoid a trip to the emergency room.

Adults Only

Never let small children handle any kind of fireworks. With older children, ensure there is proper adult supervision. Show kids the proper way to light and hold fireworks, and be sure they understand the consequences of not following those precautions.

Light it Right

Do not carry fireworks in your pocket or otherwise near your body in case of accidental firing. Fireworks should only be lit in open areas that are far away from people, homes, and other structures. When lighting, do not stand or bend over the firework and only light one item at a time. Also, avoid lighting them inside a container. If they were to explode, this could send shards of metal, glass, or plastic into someone’s body. Once lit, step as far as away as you can, as quickly as you can. Do not try to re-light any dud fireworks.

How to End the Night

Always keep a bucket of water or working hose nearby in case of fire. At the end of the night, soak used fireworks in water for a few hours before throwing them in the trash.

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