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You Don’t Need To Plan Ahead For These 3 DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a wonderful time of the year, but it seems to suddenly pop out of nowhere. If you haven’t had time to plan a Halloween costume this year – don’t fret. We have you covered with three easy DIY costumes you can make. You likely already have everything you need. Who doesn’t love that?!

Everyone Loves a Good Pun

If you call someone a nerd, you may get the response back, “You just mean that I’m smarter than you.” Become everyone’s favorite nerd this year in just minutes with this cute, DIY “smartie pants” costume. If you have a pair of jeans and Halloween candy, you already have 75 percent of your costume ready to go. All you need now is something to attach the candy with to your jeans. You can use hot glue, glue dots, or even tape.  To top off the outfit, find some of those cheap freebie sunglasses you have lying around and pop out the lenses to create nerdy glasses. Not only will you look great, but you can spend virtually nothing on this costume if you already have everything. 

Sprinkle on Something Sweet

While cupcakes are just mini versions of cake, they are still delicious. Moms, dads, and kids can become a cupcake this year in less than 10 minutes. if you have a white shirt or dress, you’re already on the right path. Take some construction paper and cut it into rectangles so it looks like sprinkles. Then, tape it onto the shirt. Your costume will be a hit and cost virtually nothing to make!

Let’s Go to the Happiest Place on Earth!

if you’ve ever been to Disney World or Disney Land, you probably purchased some of the iconic Mickey Mouse ears. Go ahead and dig them out of their hiding place, because you’re going to become a Disney tourist for Halloween this year! Go ahead and adorn any of your Disney attire to become Disney’s biggest fan. Add a selfie stick if you have one, and you are ready to go!

Halloween doesn’t have to be a difficult holiday. Look through your home and create a fun DIY costume from items you already have!

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