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One Week to Go! Your Final Christmas Checklist

The final holiday countdown is upon us, and there’s just so much to do! When you’re hosting guests for a feast, you need to stay organized so everything goes off without a hitch. Try our handy holiday checklist to make sure Christmas goes off without a hitch this year:

  • Plan Your Menu: Plan your holiday meal or party menu in detail; then list the ingredients you’ll need for a comprehensive grocery list. Don’t forget about Christmas breakfast and food for the next day!
  • Stock the Bar: Now’s the time to check your bottles and decanters to make sure you’re ready with enough libations for your guests. Don’t forget sodas or juices, citrus for garnish and a bag or two of ice.
  • Plan for Leftovers: Pick up some inexpensive Gladware containers to hold all your leftovers. These are perfect for sending guests home with extra tidbits or cookies, too!
  • Prep Guest Rooms: Add fresh sheets, blankets and towels to guest sleeping areas. For an extra bit of hospitality, provide a bottle of water, cell phone charger and your Wi-Fi password to the bedside table. If you need more space, now’s the time to grab a sleeper sofa or trundle bed for the kids’ rooms!
  • Set the Kids’ Table: The kids’ table is best placed on a hard floor that is easily wiped clean. Keep it festive with colorful plates, cups and cutlery. You can also add a fun craft or game to keep kids occupied while the adults visit.
  • Bring in Extra Chairs: For a large gathering, make sure you have enough seating for everyone – or at least for anyone who’s mobility-impaired. Press outdoor furniture into service if needed, or treat yourself to some new dining chairs for spares.
  • Finish Shopping: Double-check your naughty and nice list and make sure you have everyone covered. It’s always a good idea to have a few extra, non-specific gifts on hand just in case you receive an unexpected present – you definitely want to be able to return the favor! Wine, candles and boxed chocolates are good choices.
  • Wrap Presents: Get gifts wrapped and ready to go for the big day. Gift bags can make short work of this project, especially if you have oddly-shaped gifts. It’s also a good idea to have a pad and pen ready to jot down details for writing thank you notes later.
  • Relax: Don’t forget to leave time to enjoy your Christmas tree and snuggle up with your loved ones – a mug of cocoa is the perfect way to make this happen!

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