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Win MVP With These Essential Super Bowl Party Hosting Tips

Football and food – they go hand and hand, especially on Super Bowl Sunday! From coast to coast, people will be gathering for Super Bowl watch parties all decked out in their favorite team’s colors to watch the biggest game of the year. If you’ll be hosting this party, you need to get your game face on now. And with these essential tips, you’ll have an epic Super Bowl party that’s sure to get you voted MVP for the day. 

Arrange the Area for Optimal Viewing

The main attraction of the Super Bowl is the big game, and most of your guests will want front row seats. That means you need plenty of seating and it has to offer optimal viewing. Accomplish this by rearranging your furniture, bringing in more chairs to your viewing area, and moving your love seat, sofa, and other furniture around if needed to ensure everyone has a great view. 

Plan to Have More Food Than You Think You Need

Super Bowl Sunday is only second to Thanksgiving when it comes to big food days, so you can guarantee people are coming ready to chow down. Plan to have more food than you think you really need. The last thing you want is to be out of food by Halftime. It’s a good idea to plan on 12 pieces of food per guest, but that’s not difficult to accomplish when you’re serving up football favorites like sliders, chicken wings, pizza slices, cocktail meatballs, and nachos. 

Create a Drink Station

You don’t want those drinks all around your home, so create a drink station. Many guests will probably bring some alcohol to help contribute, so have a place to stash everything. Set up your drink station with cups, glasses, ice buckets, lime slices, soft drinks, bottle openers, and anything else needed to keep your booze lovers happy.

Work Out a System for Rides Home

Don’t forget that a lot of your guests may be drinking, and you don’t want them driving home. Work out a system for rides home. Have a few designated drivers, get the numbers of local taxi services, or make sure people have access to rideshares if needed. 

It’s the best day of football in the entire year, so make it an incredible one with these tips. That way you’re sure the Super Bowl party is epic, no matter which team ends up winning the game. 

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