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Stuck inside? Ways to keep your kids busy

The weather is cold, school is out and the kids are getting restless. Before you get cabin fever, take hold of one or more of the following activities to keep your kids busy and hold onto your sanity for one more day!

Have a Soul Train Line

Your home should always be set up for a dance competition. It’s good exercise, it teaches coordination, and it also relieves the kids of pent up energy that would otherwise go into breaking something. Play a YouTube professional dance channel to lead your activity. Work out the excess energy with some great exercise!

Presenting… Martha Stewart!

One activity that your home is always prepared for is a bake-off. You teach your kids a critical skill, plus they learn how to follow directions and remain safe around potentially dangerous appliances. Plus, you get to eat the results of your bake-off, so you win on both ends. Make sure that you have a steady bar stool handy so that your kids can reach everything they need to be helpful.

A Night In at the Movies

Perhaps there is a family flick that you were not able to see in theaters. With all of the on demand services easily available today, you should be able to find a great movie to sit down and watch with your kids if you are feeling a little more relaxed. Kick back on a comfy sofa, so you and your kids can cuddle up with some popcorn.

A Family Friendly Las Vegas

No matter how old they get, board games will always be one of the best family bonding activities ever. You can teach your kids seminal money skills with games like Monopoly, or you can take it easier with a casual card game like Uno. Break out two or three of the games at once to simulate a kid friendly casino and watch your kids’ eyes light up. Have a wide enough coffee table ready for your games, and keep a rug handy so that if fruit juice is involved, it won’t spill on your flooring.

Spring Cleaning

Believe it or not, you can actually get your children to participate in a thorough cleaning of the house if there is music and dancing involved. Make it fun. Tune your TV to a family friendly Pandora channel, and blast off!

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