Be Part of the Latest Trend with the Color of the Year

Greenery is 2017’s color of the year and the perfect choice when you are looking to give your rooms a fresh, trendy upgrade. Let nature be your inspiration whether you’re brightening up the bedroom or adding warmth to the living space. From a sprig of garden green on the floor to an emerald accent on the front door, green goes with just about everything.

Keep It Simple with Soft Pantone Furniture

You could go all out and paint the walls apple green, but you know what they say about too much of a good thing. Green is a strong color, so think more along the lines of accents like a soft side chair in a light green shade. Accent furniture works well in almost any room to create flow and conversation spaces.

Add a splash of color to your accent chair with a solid, bright floral or patterned pillow in balancing hues like gray, smoky blue or a soft yellow. Use an area rug in a complementary color like blue to add a little texture under matching chairs to section off the room.

Focus on the Floor

Consider how the right green area rug can quietly tie things together, especially when paired with small splashes of green around the room. Look for a two-toned area rug that matches conversation pieces in the space like an Aztec vase or well-placed greenery. A cream and green rug would complement different design styles while creating a thread that matches the curtains to your rustic red side table or harmonizes that same green rug with some chic green placemats in the dining room.

Think Green to Brighten the Room

What better way to add life to a room then instilling a little sun and grass. The combination of a green textured base and soft illumination is a natural choice for any space. The best part of choosing a green lamp is it will match perfectly with almost any color furniture. Imagine a green ceramic lamp decorating a burnish brown occasional table or sitting on a dark gray dining room server for those evenings when you want soft light at dinner.

It is good to be green and it is also trendy because it takes the lead this year as the right color for your home whether you’re picking out new chairs or shopping for accent pieces. After all, it is the color Mother Nature used out when she decorated, too.


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