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3 Tips For Upgrading Your Home While On A Budget

Sprucing up your space is often a desire at the beginning of a new year, and none more so than this year. Out with the old and in with the new! But it doesn’t have to take every last penny in your bank account. Keep these tips in mind as your shopping around for new furniture or home decor.

Wait for Sales

Furniture stores always have some kind of sale going on so pay attention to your local store. Wait until there’s a good discount on what you’re looking to purchase before pulling out your wallet. If you don’t see a good deal currently, ask the staff if one might be coming up.

Calculate the Daily Use Costs

A comfortable sofa that you use every day looks a lot more affordable when you break down how much it would cost to use per day. Another way to think about it is to divide the total cost by your salary. Consider how many hours you have to work to be able to afford that piece.

Buy Multi-Tasking Pieces

It’s not often that we can afford to buy new furniture for every room in our home all at once. And that’s okay! Consider starting with pieces that can work double-duty. Can the new kitchen table also be your work desk, or the kid’s homework space until you can afford to buy a dedicated one?

Shop at Regency Furniture!

The best way to stay within your budget is to start by shopping for budget-friendly items. Visit your local Regency Furniture store to see how we can upgrade your space without spending all your money! We also offer easy financing options to make things simple.

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