3 Classics That Kids Will Love To Read For Back To School

Encourage your kids to curl up on the sofa or comfy outdoor chair and get lost in a classic this summer. It will keep their reading skills strong and they’ll enjoy learning something new. Read along with them, maybe starting a family book club so you can discuss the books together. Here are three awesome classics we think your kids will love to read.

Charlotte’s Web by EB White

This all-time favorite is a story about the value of friendship and commitment. A little girl named Fern, her piglet, Wilbur, and a farm full of animals helps Wilbur get confident enough to become a prize-winning pig. The star of the story is Charlotte, a smart spider who writes messages praising Wilbur in her spider web. Endearing and memorable, this is a perfect summer read.

Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren

If you like to laugh this light-hearted beloved classic is for you. Pippi Longstocking is about a spunky young girl who has red pigtails, colorful stockings, and a whole lot of personality. She lives alone with her pet monkey. That’s right, she needs no adults in her life! Join her for mischief and adventures with her adoring neighbor friends, Tommy and Josephine. This is the first in a book series, so continue exploring with Pippi.

Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson

One of the best stories of all time, Treasure Island, written in 1881 is a classic you will treasure forever and read over and over again. It is full of action, buried treasure, pirates, adventure, and lessons about the strong human spirit. Meet evil pirate Captain Flint, explorer Jim Hawkins and so many more beloved characters that make this story timeless.

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