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Ridding Your Home Of Dust Bunnies 101

As we inch closer to Halloween, you may be thinking about infusing a bit of that holiday spirit into your home’s decorating. But no one wants to deal with a clutter-filled home. That clutter will turn an otherwise warm and inviting atmosphere into a place that feels stressful and confined. Here are some tips to help you get the optimal results out of your dusting efforts. 

Start at the Top 

When you start at the top, you’ll get the dust in the hardest-to-reach places first. Ceiling fans are dust magnets, and unless you make a point of regularly dusting the blades, you’ll be spreading dust throughout a room without even realizing it. 

Remove Things from Shelves to Dust

If you’re removing things from shelves to make room for Halloween decorating items, you should dust the pieces you take away. And also the items you plan to put back on the shelves. You’ll be able to dust shelves more thoroughly when you don’t have anything on them. 

Don’t Forget to Dust Areas Behind and Under Furniture

Most people don’t make a point dusting the areas that are under or behind their furniture every time they do their weekly cleaning. Now is the perfect opportunity to get to those neglected areas. 

Use Microfiber Bendable and Extendable Dusting Tools 

You don’t need to have an arsenal of different dusting tools to be able to do a good job. Microfiber dusting products are the ideal choice because you can throw them into the washing machine and use them again and again. Tools that can be bent or extended to reach inconvenient places simplify an otherwise arduous chore. 

The degree to which you celebrate Halloween shouldn’t be a deciding factor when it comes to adding a few touches of Halloween decor to your home this season. And even if you’re not hosting Halloween parties, your family will appreciate your freshly dusted home’s Regency Furniture furnishings and home accents. 

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