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New Years Eve Crafts For Kids

As yet another year comes to a conclusion, families everywhere are spending the last few days together before returning to work and school. If your kids are feeling a little cooped up by bad weather and getting bored without friends around, why not try a fun craft that will get you in the spirit for New Year’s Eve? These three ideas are ideal for kids of all ages, and are sure to have you laughing and joking together — and making memories that will last a lifetime.

Color Me Happy

Kids from the youngest babes who can hold a crayon to high school children all smile when given the opportunity to express their creativity with a variety of mediums. Try printing out or freehand writing a large ‘2017’ or ‘2018’ on a sheet of construction paper that allows for plenty of open space in the middle. Use crayons, markers, coloring pencils, craft paper, small stones or sequins and glue to decorate each year. Older children will enjoy adding things they loved about the previous year and dreams for the future.

Shake It Up

If you have some dried beans, markers, ribbon and plain white paper plates — you’re ready for this craft! Noisemakers are a big part of any New Year’s Eve celebration, and are even more fun when you make them yourself. Trap a small handful of dried beans in between two taped-together plates, and then decorate your creation. Get ready to shake it up all night long!

Hands-On Activity

Use some finger paints in a variety of colors to place four light-colored handprints on a sheet of craft paper. Once the paint dries, write one number of the year over each handprint in large text. What’s more fun is to do this every year, and then compare how your child’s handprints change over time.

The truth is, any activity you do together is an opportunity for love and laughter in your home. Take a few moments away from the busy-ness of daily life to spend time together. From our Regency Furniture family to yours: Happy New Year 2018!

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