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3 Quick Tips to a Great Looking Backyard for Memorial Day

It’s that time of year again, when people across the nation start to think about breaking out their grills and putting them into action.

But even the most glorious Memorial weekend sunshine may not save the day if your backyard isn’t in a state to welcome guests to your first BBQ of the summer.

The good news is that with a little creative planning you can quickly get your backyard into shape.

A Welcoming Patio and Deck

A clean and fresh looking deck or patio is key to creating a welcoming atmosphere. Sweeping and hosing down are essential first steps, but for best results consider buying or borrowing a pressure washer.

This will blast away caked on dirt, leaf fall, cobwebs and all manner of other undesirable accumulations.

You can then hang flowering baskets for visual appeal, and use rugs, throws and cushions to add warmth and color to floors and furniture.

Freshen Up Your Plant Display

Your plants and flowers are vital to a really great looking yard, but if they’ve taken a beating from the frosts and snows of winter, it may not be feasible to get them back to their peak by Memorial Day.

Although perennial shrubs and trees are reliable sources of greenery, a good way to get a head start on that longed-for summer color is to invest in some inexpensive potted plants.

There’s a huge choice of flowering plants which will add some immediate, but summer-long, scent and color to your yard. A selection of unusual or picturesque pots or other creative containers can be conversation pieces in themselves.

Outdoor Lighting for Atmosphere

For a final touch of atmosphere, consider adding some creative outdoor lighting. Colored lights or lanterns for tables, patios, decks, walkways and trees are a great and surprisingly inexpensive way to help create a festive mood.

There are numerous creative options to choose from, including kerosene or battery lanterns, hurricane vases, glowing seashells, string lights and even, for sheltered spots, good old-fashioned votive candles.

You’re guaranteed a happy ambience, and when your Memorial Day guests are long gone, your new lights will help you enjoy long relaxing evenings throughout the summer.


With these simple tips in mind, the first holiday of the summer is a great time to start setting up your yard to make the most of the outdoor season.

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