Sweet Dreams: Helpful Tips for Selecting the Right Size Mattress

The bigger the better, right? It depends on what you need. One common mistake that many home-buying newbies make is choosing a bed that doesn’t quite fit their needs. To help you decide which bed will be the best for you (which we have a few to choose from here), here is a breakdown of each bed size and what it can offer to you and your home:

Twin (38in x 75in)

This is the perfect size bed for small children as they don’t really require much room at their age. A teenager or average-size adult can also opt for this bed although it’s not the most ideal for comfort. However, it’s by far the most portable if you tend to move around a lot, and it’s also the most affordable overall.

Full (54in x 75in)

This bed will give a single adult much more room to roll around than a twin would.  There will also be some wiggle room for a small pet to jump in and snuggle comfortably with you! Although possible, a full-size bed may not be the best choice for two people.  On the bright side, it can be the most spatially efficient bed for a couple if you live in a place with limited square footage. Also, bedding items such as sheets and pillows tend to run cheaper than their larger counterparts.

Queen (60in x 80in)

A queen is the perfect size for two average-size adults to sleep and cuddle comfortably.  If affordability is not a major concern, a single person may also enjoy this bed for maximum space to sleep in.  However, this bed can be a bit difficult to move around so this may not be the most ideal if you move around a lot.

King (76in x 80in)

King mattresses are a great splurge if you want maximum sleeping room, especially for taller-than-average people. But with its big size comes with a big sticker price as well with not just the mattress itself but bedding as well. This bed will definitely be most suitable for a home that you intend on living in for a long time. And if you have small children or pets that enjoy hopping with you in bed, there will be plenty of room for all to fit.

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