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Inviting And Easy Entryway Design Tips

Create a welcoming entryway by designing both a stylish and organized area. Whether your entryway is a small and intimate foyer or a grand open area, this busy spot in your home requires some TLC…tender loving creativity. Take a look at four inviting and easy entryway ideas.

Decorative Hideaways

Entryways usually double as drop off zones for shoes, coats, handbags, book bags, and other items. Create a decorative hideaway for these necessities by adding an accent cabinet complete with storage drawers and shelves. Decorate the top of the cabinet with a flower arrangement and other eye-catching accents while clutter is hidden from sight.

Modern Magic

The entryway makes a perfect spot to sit down and take a break. If room allows, create an unexpected and a bit magical seating area complete with a catch-all table and an oversized pouf or small chair. Place baskets on the floor to gather drop off items like shoes and bags. On the tabletop, display a tray to collect keys and loose change, etc., and an accent lamp for ambiance.

Beautifully Benched

One easy way to get more organizational mileage out of your entryway is by simply adding a storage bench. These double-duty powerhouses not only look amazing, but they also offer seating and ample storage. Hang an accent mirror or framed artwork above the bench for added eye appeal.

Get Hooked

If closet space is limited, adding a combo of decorative hooks and functional shelves creates an organized and eye-appealing entryway. For example, attach hooks, meant for coats, to the wall above an open shelving unit, meant for shoes. Flank the shelf with chairs, oversized baskets, and potted plants creating an appealing and organized entryway.

The Regency team is ready to help you design easy and inviting entryways that you’ll love coming and going.

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