Ideal Places To Picnic With Your Family

Everyone loves a picnic on a beautiful day! Packing a basket and heading outside creates some of the best family moments. Whether you hop in the car and explore a new spot or stay close to home, it’s enjoying time together that makes a picnic memorable. Take a look at some ideal places to picnic with your family.

Explore a Community Park

Parks in your community are the perfect spots for a family picnic. Find one nearby and start planning. Research if the location has picnic tables and other seating, so you know what to pack. Ask if there are walking/hiking trails, outdoor activities, or other things you can do with the family.

Find a Spot By the Water

There’s something relaxing about having a picnic by a lake, stream, or any other body of water. Pack a thick, durable blanket big enough for everyone to sit on and enjoy the sights and sounds. After you eat, take a walk, skip rocks or take a nap!

Pick an Unexpected Spot

Pack a basket full of goodies and enjoy an unexpected picnic in the middle of your hometown or nearby city. Consider a museum with an outdoor space, a rooftop with a skyline view, a microbrewery, or a community garden. These spots are full of amazing sights, smells, and sounds.

Enjoy Your Own Backyard

Home is where the heart is so why not plan a picnic on the patio? Surprise your family with a weekend lunch or evening dinner right outside your own back door. Set the table with paper plates and cups, no dirty dishes. Then, everyone can gather around the fire pit and roast marshmallows for a sweet dessert.

The Regency team encourages you to get outside and explore your community. Picnics are the perfect way to start.

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