How To Win With Last Minute Valentine’s Day Plans

This year seems to be flying by, which means that Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. Whether you’ve procrastinated on a gift or just don’t have any idea what do to for your loved one, you may be feeling the stress of the holiday. Getting Valentine’s Day just right could make or break a relationship.

Yet there’s no need to worry too much about the big day of romance with a few last minute Valentine’s Day ideas up your sleeve. In fact, there are a lot of last minute Valentine’s Day date and gift ideas that you could try to make it a great day for both yourself and the object of your affection without ever having to leave the house. If you haven’t thought about the big day yet, these top three ideas will have you winning with last minute Valentine’s Day plans this year.

Spa Day

What could be more romantic than some candles, a warm bath, and some massage oils? Planning a spa staycation in the comfort of your own home can make for a memorable Valentine’s Day gift.

It’s easy to source all the things you need for a relaxing at-home spa evening or day, and you don’t even need to book an expensive hotel or spa for luxury treatments. You can pick up some candles, bubble bath, and essential oils at your local store. Get creative with some lemon and grapefruit slices to throw into a warm bath, or slice some cucumber to place on your significant other’s eyes. Treat them to a hand or back massage and let the worries of the day slip away.

Chances are you’ll both be totally relaxed by the time you climb into bed.

Movie Night

Instead of splashing out on movie tickets and popcorn and getting good seats in a crowded theater, stage your own personal movie night. With a cozy sofa and footrest in the comfort of your own home, who even needs to go out?

Whether you’re both a fan of classic films, nail-biting horror movies, romantic comedies, or tear-jerking dramas, with the help of Netflix or another film service you can create a themed movie marathon.

Pick up plenty of your favorite snacks and drinks, or call in a pizza order, and prepare to snuggle up on the sofa.

Wine Tasting

Forget a fancy wine tour and stage your own couples’ wine tasting on Valentine’s Day. Grab a selection of your favorite wines and some cheese, crackers, and fruit at the store. At home you can pour small sips of the wine into different glasses and throw together your cheese board.

Take turns savoring each glass with your loved one and test each other on the notes of each wine. It’s a great way to spend a last minute romantic evening in without having to break the bank.

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