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3 Turkey Crafts To Entertain The Kids This Thanksgiving

The holidays are a busy time for us all and corralling all the kids, grandkids, and cousins, while trying to prepare a delicious turkey feast is no small achievement. Set the kids up with a crafts table and have an older sibling or adult help out with these fun Turkey Day crafts.

Turkey Leaf Art

Take the kids outside to hunt for some colorful leaves. These will be used as the turkey’s tail feathers, so large and bright leaves work best. Then, back inside, glue the leaves in a semi-circle on a piece of heavy paper. Color the printable turkey, cut it out, and glue on top of the leaves. You can even encourage the children to name their turkeys and hang them up once they get home.

Turkey Windsock

Remove the top and bottom from an aluminum can and make sure it’s clean and dry. Paint it brown, draw an orange beak, and add googly eyes. Glue feathers to the inside top, and 18″ streamers to the inside bottom. Glue on a handle for hanging and decide where to display your turkey windsock!

Gratitude Turkey

Perfect for setting on your Thanksgiving table, these turkeys remind everyone what they’re grateful for this year. Paint a paper plate orange, a toilet paper tube brown, and a small paper cup black. Glue the cup to the tube, and the tube to the paper plate. Then add googly eyes, a beak, and a waddle to the brown tube. Finally, glue construction paper feathers to the plate and have the kids write down what they’re thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving From Regency Furniture!

We hope you and your little ones enjoy these fun turkey crafts and have a lovely and warm holiday with family and friends!

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