Board Game Night Made Easy With These Tips

Game night is a wonderful, screen-free way to create memories and build friendships. Here are a few tips for a great game night from Regency Furniture.

Be Specific When Issuing the Invitation

If you plan on including kids, that’s great, but it’s also okay to have an adult-only evening. Just let people know one way or the other. Additionally, when you issue the invitation, be clear about what kind of food you’re providing. If it’s light snacks or desserts, say so. If it’s dinner, or if you need people to bring a potluck contribution, mention that when you offer the invitation. Also, it’s best if you specify a beginning and ending time. Some night owls might play games till midnight, making you wish they’d go away. Having a beginning and ending time avoids this miscommunication. If you really don’t care how late things go, that’s fine too.

Know the Rules of the Games

Game night with guests present isn’t the time to try a new, complicated game. It can be embarrassing to try to figure out a difficult game while your guests are sitting around your dining room table bored out of their minds. It may be best to stick to games that are fairly simple or ones with which most people are familiar.

Have All the Game Pieces

Before your guests arrive, open up your games and make sure that the pieces haven’t suddenly gone missing.

Choose Games with Wide Appeal

There’s no harm in playing Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit, but unless you are one hundred percent certain that your friends will love it too, you should probably stick to games that have wide appeal. Games like Dominoes, Apples to Apples, Jenga, and Dutch Blitz don’t require specialized knowledge or complicated strategy but still have lots of fun to offer. Offer a variety of games, some that move quickly and others that take a little longer. Let your guests decide which they would like to play.

If you’re looking for a new table on which you and your friends can play games on Game Night, stop by Regency Furniture. We have dining room furniture to suit your style and give you many years of hosting game nights.

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