From Homey to Haunted: Transforming your House for Halloween

Does your neighborhood host an annual Halloween decor competition? Or do you participate in a friendly, unspoken “Best Haunted House” rivalry? We have a few tricks that will surely help you win the spookiest haunted house on the block, all while keeping the scares and surprises family-friendly!

Graveyard or Front Yard?

Remaking a graveyard with homemade tombstones is a fun, DIY activity that your whole family can enjoy working on together.  Paint some sturdy poster boards or cardboard boxes with a couple coats of silver or gray paint; here is where your kids can pitch in by creating the design bases for each individual tombstone.  With black paint, customize each tombstone with names, dates, and other spooky statements. Scatter some small LED lights on the grass around each headstone to illuminate them at night. For the final creepy touch to your transformed front yard, add some skeletons throughout the scene.  Decorate them with plastic swords or funny hats to give your trick-or-treaters a giggle or an unexpected spook!

Spider Webs Everywhere!

Spider webs can be a fun, creative way to decorate with both kids and adults alike! Encourage everyone to spin neat and artistic designs with their own rolls of white yarn.  Once they’re created, cut and scatter them directly onto the bushes leading up to your front porch. Or, tape them over thin white sheets to add a ghostly vibe. Lastly, incorporate some fake spiders to finish off the epic spider webs.

If time permits, design and create a bigger, sturdier spider web to place on your front door.  This addition may confuse or disorient younger trick-or-treaters as they search for the doorbell, making the challenge to receive treats from the spookiest house that much greater – and the reward that much better!

Haunted Windows

Add some real-time spook to your haunted house by decorating your front windows to flow with your Halloween theme! Place cardboard silhouettes along the windows to make your trick-or-treaters really question whether they are being watched by spooky or silly characters!

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