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Prepping Outdoor Furniture for Winter

As the seasons begin to change and the weather cools down, it’s time to start gravitating towards indoor activities and living spaces.  With that being said, it’s still important to care for your outdoor furniture in order to prevent and protect against damages and loss from the cold weather.  A key to furniture preservation is thoroughly cleaning all pieces before bringing them inside, but there are some significant steps to take with certain materials so that they preserve their quality:


In order to “winterize” your wooden outdoor furniture, apply waterproof sealant before the fall and winter seasons roll around.  If you are content with the current colors and shades of your pieces, use a clear coat sealant. However, if sprucing up the wood with a darker finish is your goal, choose a stain that doubles as a waterproof sealant.  It’s a win-win investment!


For aluminum pieces, follow a three-step process to ensure that your furniture is protected.  First, wash and thoroughly dry the aluminum in order to prevent the metal from rusting. Second, apply a coat of wax and silicone sealant for extra protection.  Finally, use some car paint to touch up any scratches on the furniture.


Though plastic can withstand the cold and wet winter season, experts still advise that you store plastic furniture indoors – especially during snowstorms.  Plastic can become frail and weak in cold temperatures, which can cause deterioration and even breakage when the furniture is used during the spring and summer seasons.


For outdoor wicker furniture pieces, use a rag that is thoroughly soaked with lemon oil for a deep cleaning and polish.  The lemon will protect the wicker from mold and mildew during the winter. Finish it all off with a protective sealant to prevent the furniture from cracking or freezing during the cold months.

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