Easter’s Right Around the Corner, Are You Prepared?

Easter is one of the major reasons people spend time with family in spring. If you are planning Easter activities at your home this year and you have not done everything to be prepared yet, now is the time. Easter is right around the corner and if you want it to go well for everyone, it may be time to kick it into high gear. Use these tips and ideas to make sure your home is ready for Easter.

Plan Easter Dinner

A great deal of Easter planning should revolve around the meal. You should plan to have a variety of sides and options for your guests. If you know that anyone has any dietary restrictions, you should also take this into account. A good idea is to have one or two meats, some starches, and some vegetables. No holiday is complete without some desserts as well! Don’t forget to use the nice dishes from the china cabinet. You do not have to do all of the cooking yourself, either. If you do not have the time or capacity to do it all, make sure you get others in your family to bring some of the items. For a well planned meal, you should make the menu and then tell them specifically what to bring.

Decorate Around Your Home

With this holiday is also the excitement of spring. There are so many things you can do to decorate around your home and you do not even have to do a lot. Even doing a little bit can make a big impact. Some of the areas you will want to decorate include the table that you will be eating dinner on, any chair that surrounds the table, and possibly your living room if that is where people will spend their time. You do not need to worry about spaces that people will not be in during the festivities but even adding some small decorations such as holiday bunnies or pastel decor can make a big impact.

Plan an Easter Egg Hunt

If you are going to have children at your holiday party, you definitely need to plan an Easter egg hunt. You can do this both inside and outside if you have the space. Build in some time for the adults to hide the eggs around your home right before it is set to start. During this time, you can make sure all children are playing in your kid’s bedroom or some other space where eggs won’t be hidden. Ask the people who are hiding the eggs to think of some good hiding spots but keep in mind that the children will need to be able to get them so hiding them in a tree may be too much.

Easter is a fun holiday for everyone involved. If you use these tips, everyone will have fun and you will be relaxed throughout the party.

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