3 Steps to a Cozy Fireplace

Do you imagine curling up in front of the fireplace with a good book or pleasant company? The right piece of furniture can bring a room together, adding warmth and functionality to this most welcoming of spaces. If you’re the proud owner of a gorgeous fireplace, here’s three pieces of furniture that will help you make the most of it:

A Plush Sofa Facing the Fireplace

Do you dream of tucking your feet up as you nurse a glass of fine wine and watch the flickering flames in the fireplace? You’ll want a sofa that mixes a look of opulence with maximum functionality and comfort. The Chesterbrook Burgundy Sofa carries a timeless design. It has been built with durability in mind, from the fabric choice to the way it was constructed.

A Luxurious Rug Laid Out Near the Hearth

A luxurious rug will complete the image of a quiet day basking in the glow of the fireplace. If you have pets, this will give them a place to curl up and enjoy the evening with you. To add an exciting pop of color to the space, choose a rug that pulls double duty as both floor covering and art like the Holliday Multi Accent Rug.

A Well-Stuffed Recliner Angled to Enjoy the Fireplace

After a long day, nothing can beat relaxing in a recliner set at the perfect angle to soothe away your aches and pains as you warm your feet near the fireplace. The right recliner will be easy to operate, offer a good balance of firm support and soft cushioning, and look stylish. A leather recliner like the timeless Bristan Walnut Rocker Recliner offers one more advantage: the material is perfect for placement near a fireplace because leather easily absorbs and retains warmth.

Make the Fireplace a Room’s Centerpiece

Browsing for furniture can feel overwhelming, so keep a clear goal in mind. You build the look of your dream room piece by piece, choosing each with care. Every item of furniture should echo your design aesthetic as well as highlighting the star of your living room: the fireplace.

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